Germanies oldest

The Halloren Chocolate Factory AG is the oldest still producing chocolate factory in Germany. In the quiet town of Halle (Saale), which is located in central Germany, it produces 120 different Halloren chocolate creations. The most famous of which are the Original “Halloren Balls”, taking their name from the old profession of “Salzwirkern”. Also, special editions create variety at Halloren and always attract the attention of the media. Currently Halloren's Playboy Edition is particularly distinguished, consisting of a "for girls only" and "for boys only" package at its center. Furthermore, Halloren offers a range of seasonal products produced around Christmas, Easter, Halloween and for other special occasions, which aline perfectly with their attractive and fun packaging as a gift for both children and adults.

The Halloren factory is also a museum, which is a tourist magnet especially for its “transparent production”. Through the glass walls you can literally watch the chocolate being processed into high-quality bars and pralines.

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